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Escuminac Pure Premium Yellow Birch Syrup - LIMITED EDITION

A rare syrup of great nobility

This rare syrup produced in extremely small quantities, was doubtless once the balsamic vinegar of Native Americans! Unique and rare, birch syrup (Yellow Birch) is a natural syrup produced from sap harvested in the spring. It takes 140 liters of birch sap to produce a single liter of birch syrup. 

Escuminac birch syrup is notable for its numerous dominant aromatic compounds, including furans, methyl salicylate, octanal and vanillin. To some extent, it has an aromatic kinship with balsamic vinegar, although the comparison ends there. It possesses its own identity and is a syrup of great nobility.

Its aromatic DNA is astonishingly complex, so it can be used in recipes with a broad range of foods, ingredients and liquids.


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