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History and origin

Érablière Escuminac is a place where human and nature come together

The Escuminac maple farm decided to launch a pure and premium line so consumers could discover  the richness of the unblended maple syrup, harvested and bottled at the maple farm. Our Escuminac handcrafted syrups are pure, organic and respectful of the environment. Unblended, from a single forest they are 100% traceable from maple farm to plate.

The hundred-year-old sugar bush, which has more than  65 000 taped maple trees stands in Escuminac a small village eastern Quebec, Canada. Swept by sea air from the nearby Gulf of St. Lawrence – this soil/location enjoys a unique climate, ideal for the production of exquisite maple syrup. The area was already being used by Native Americans long before the arrival of the first Europeans. Escuminac means “place of encounter between humans and nature” in the Mi’gmaq language.


How maple syrup is born

The Escuminac maple syrup comes from the sap of hundred-year-old maple trees (Acer Saccharum) and it takes 40 liters of sap to produce 1 liter of this precious syrup.  Excellent source of natural sweetener, it contains polyphenols
(antioxydants) and natural minerals.

As it grows, the sugar maple transforms starch into sugar. The sugar combines with water absorbed by the tree’s roots, slightly sweetening the maple sap. In the spring, when temperatures begin to rise again, the water in the trunk and roots expands, building up pressure inside the tree. The alternation of cold, sub-zero nights and days where the temperature rises above freezing encourages the flow of maple sap, some of which enters the tubes and flows to the sugar shack. There, an evaporator turns the maple sap into maple syrup. It takes, on average, 40 litres of maple sap to obtain one litre of syrup.

Meet Martin Malenfant, the maple harvester behind Escuminac

As the maple producer and proud owner of the Escuminac maple farm, I wish the sweet and velvety taste of Escuminac maple syrup will transport you to a Canadian springtime sugar cabin, nestled in the beautiful boreal forest. 


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